terraria moon lord expert

The fight will likely take at least 4 minutes, so you need to be able to deal with his attacks many times, meaning you can't just go for damage and not worry about his attacks. If I had a job, I'd give you some gold. -Fly up. One time I did that and a wraith killed me before Moon Lord actually died (I was very sad). SEARCH Terraria POST See Translation. I also use a rod of discord to dodge the mini-deathrays in phase two, but that's not always an option. Event bosses such as The Ice Queen, Pumpking and the Celestial Pillars do not drop bags. seriously underrated hook, you can beat enraged duke fishron using this thing. No matter what class you are playing, you will always want the VK Chestplate. I did learn something from this guide. They should be 3 blocks thick so you don't take dumb hits from the deathray when you grapple to them. Make sure you know how to grapple jump. I actually tend to have better luck with the Squire's Great helm, as the damage lost from the phantasm is offset by the bonus to the dragon's damage, and the regen it gives is half of that of the valhalla knight's breastplate and stacks with it. The Moon Lord has brown skin with various blue parts complementing it. The UFO Mount is a suitable replacement if you cannot be bothered making a Shrimpy Truffle arena. However, the Moon Lord lacks a lower half, ending in a exposed part of its spine. We defense stack and cheese the Moon Lord!\r Still effective as of\r \r Download the map here: \r \r Follow Us:\r Twitter: \r Instagram: \r \r Figure Collecting: Report. Added Celestial Starboard, Moon Lord's third exclusive expert mode item. It will take you too winRAR with the world file open your folders and go to documents > My games > terraria > worlds. It doesn't actually boost minion damage either, so you are not compensating with more Dragon power. -Intended for Expert Single Player, but can be useful for players struggling with Moon Lord in normal mode. -------------------------------------PREPRATIONS-------------------------------------, -------------------------------------GEAR-------------------------------------, -------------------------------------THE FIGHT-------------------------------------, -------------------------------------FINAL NOTES-------------------------------------, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. He also now has 7 True Solar Eyes and 2 Additional Hands. I don't actually know how the mechanic works, just make sure all statues are about 20 blocks away from each other. We've fought him twice and failed miserably both times. -Flying around it. -Honey pools that you will jump in every 30 seconds, -Sunflowers (you will need the Staff of Regrowth to place them). They are hard to find, but you can get your hands on one, they can make the difference between succeeding and losing. Moony's hands will spawn 6 spheres which after a couple of seconds will home in on you. How to do the giant hand Easter egg in Die Maschine – … | 1.3 Let's Play: 2016-04-15 You will have the best control over your character when you are not using a Mount, so you will be able to dodge more attacks and ultimately win the fight. Moon Lord's hands and head will occasionally shoot two bolts at you. The Rod of Discord is also a nightmare to obtain, to the point where I won't include it in the guide because I don't want to tell people to spend hours AFK before a boss. Just be patient, continue the same pattern of movement, and eventually you will kill him. I'll go through arena choice, set-ups for melee, ranged and mage, and the fight itself. DON'T TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF THE KEYBOARD. Difficulty with Expert Moon Lord on Thorium.

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