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Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. It’s best to add only a few drops to your recipe and then taste it. Lemon zest by itself also works as a sub—or Za'atar (a Middle Eastern spice blend that contains Sumac) if you can find it at your grocery store. However, there are exceptions such as lemon zest and salt and za’atar that contain a large amount of salt. It’s also a culinary herb called hyssop or Middle Eastern thyme. For the subtle yet refreshing enhancement of poultry, fish and vegetable dishes, Sumac can be sprinkled on dips such as hummus or tzatziki to create a more authentic, original style dip. Lemon Zest and Salt. This spice is also easily found at markets, so it offers a much higher level of convenience. As a sumac substitute, it can be purchased in several forms, including paste, dried pods, and more. While lemon juice provides the tartness of sumac, it also adds a citrus flavor that may not be wanted in every dish. So add … Inspired by chile salt–sprinkled mangos, … pine nuts, chicken legs, sumac, spices, salt, spices, sumac, olive oil and 5 more. One of the problems that can arise when cooking or baking a dish that uses sumac is that it may be challenging to procure. The convenience really cannot be beaten by the spice blends, since all you have to do is shake it over your recipe. This too has a sour flavor and you might need to balance it out with a bit of sugar. Some kinds of vinegar also have other characteristics, such as fruit vinegar, which has a touch of sweetness added to it. Lemon juice is another option with nutritional value and very little of the calories, fat, and salt. When added to meat before cooking, the reaction during cooking creates a salty notion thus can be used as a salt substitute. There isn’t a lack of options when it comes to sumac alternatives that are vegan. To have the proper taste for sumac dishes, adding salt to the lemon may be needed, but this is a simple process. The acidity contained in the lemon zest in lemon pepper seasoning works well as a replacement for the same acidity found in sumac. Zatar has sumac in it and for fattoush it would be perfect. Like other dried spices, sumac should be stored in an airtight container, away from direct light or heat (i.e. This version from Turkey is cured with salt to develop notes of sour cherry and cranberry. When choosing the best vegan options, za’atar and tamarind are two that will appeal to many. Mix some fresh lemon zest with salt and voila! These two flavors are designed to complement each other and offer a spice that works well on everything from pasta to chicken and seafood. This spice blend was created for use in Middle Eastern dishes, so it’s likely going to taste great on dishes you make from that region. The main downfall of using vinegar instead of sumac is that the former is far more acidic than sumac will be. Vinegar has been used in cooking for thousands of years and adds a tart or sour flavor to many dishes. Sumac is a unique spice that is used in dozens of recipes in the Mediterranean and the Middle East. One of the tartest tropical fruits you … Sumac is a Middle Eastern spice that grows wild in many parts of the mid-east as well as in Italy. In western areas of the world, it is also used for souring dishes and adding acid to marinades and dressings without the use of vinegar. 2 Lemon Pepper Seasoning: This is easily available everywhere and is a very effective Sumac substitute. SALT SUBSTITUTE - Sumac (Sumak) can also be used as a salt substitute. If you need something you can easily find at home and need a quick fix, then … Our Sumac has a slightly tangy and savoury note and is best used as a seasoning instead of a spice. Sumac is not related to chillies. It is used in many regional dishes but it most notable in the spice mix known as za’atar seasoning, a combination of ground dried thyme, oregano, marjoram, sesame seeds, salt and sumac. The best sumac substitute replicates the citrusy tartness so notorious of sumac. But the recipes vary depending on what region they're from, with each household having their own special blend. The spice we see in brick and mortar specialty stores and online is usually imported and derived from a Mediterranean sumac species, Rhus coriaria. It is excellent on kebabs. Lemon zest seems to be the most obvious sumac alternative because of its tangy, acidic taste. Vinegar is also relatively healthy as it has few calories, no fat, and a small amount of sodium. It has citric acid. Aleppo pepper is available at Penzeys as well as sumac and Zatar. Best Sumac Substitutes Lemon Juice Lemon pepper seasoning Amchoor Zaatar Tamarind or Vinegar Lemon Juice You are worried because your grilled lamb kofta kebabs wouldn’t be complete without ground sumac. We love adding lemon juice at the end of cooking or mixing lemon zest & black peppercorns. Details. Just squeeze some fresh lemon juice and youll be all set. Lemon zest and salt is our final sumac alternative and also happens to be one of the easiest to acquire and use.

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