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{ Related services you might be interested in, Choose from a range of international services from The Global Shipping Experts, Shipping furniture? "@type": "Thing", Toll Free: 800-599-0190Phone: 562-408-6677Fax: 562-408-6636, Schumacher Cargo Logisticsis a proud supporter of. Nex offers both Parcel shipping services to Saudi Arabia and Freight shipping services to Saudi Arabia. Or perhaps you’re looking to send gifts to loved ones there? All Rights Reserved. With consolidated container shipping to KSA, a container loads with goods from multiple people. The most popular city destinations in Saudi Arabia are Riyadh, Jeddah, Al Madinah, you can choose by air to the airport, by sea to the seaport, or by express to door free. The required form depends upon the value of products you are shipping as well as the service you are utilizing. The approximate sail times for cargo being shipped via ocean freight is 5-7 weeks. Get a free quote for your shipment today! As a fully licensed, bonded and insured international shipping company, we can ship almost anything to KSA. DFH provides professional services like goods packing, paperwork, loading and unloading, insurance, and more. For shipments of UN 3090 Lithium Metal Batteries/ UN 3480 Lithium Ion Batteries (Sections IA and IB), please refer to the link below for additional prohibitions. Fill out our Online Quote Form for your cost to ship to Saudi Arabia. These factors are the same as the ones that affect the cost of the shipment. You might be moving there, staying in Saudi Arabia medium-term or sending a present to surprise a loved one. How long does it take? "reviewBody": "I have been so amazed by Jennifer Rabotin's service. You can also visit our country guides where you review items that are prohibited for import to your country. Start your shipment to Saudi Arabia by filling out our Online Quote Form or calling in at 562-408-6677. There are even exemptions to this though. If you’re looking for a secure and affordable way to send personal effects and household goods to Saudi Arabia? }, Remote Shipping from the USA to Saudi Arabia. The right choice for you will depend on your budget, end location and schedule. }. In this case, if you are a returning student or expat you can get a import approval from the government to allow it into the country. That’s why we give customers a choice of two transit methods when shipping goods to Saudi Arabia. For household goods, the containers need loads of varying sizes until it’s full. Are you moving to Saudi Arabia? "@type": "Product", Once you have used Parcel ABC, you will realise outright that it is a convenient and carefree way to have your shipment sent. All items containing goods sent to Saudi Arabia are subject to a value-added tax (VAT) payable by the addressee at the rate of 15 percent of the item‘s total value. The tradeoff is the time to ship takes a bit longer as the container has to be filled by multiple customers. Global Express Guaranteed Price Group 4 "author": "Mia B", * Sri Lanka resumes sending migrant workers to Saudi Arabia Sat, Nov 28, 2020, 10:44 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka. Many different factors affect the price such as origin. ... VAT Notice 703 (export of goods from the UK); Specifically section 3. "image": "", "@type": "Rating", Shipping to Saudi Arabia If you have a shipment that you would like to send overseas, Tudor International Freight will be able to help you. Dangerous Goods Delivery: No Call 1.800.332.0807 for IP1 or IXF Service availability. When shipping to Saudi Arabia, you want to start with all of the details particular to your shipment. Commercial Registration number should be quoted on the DHL Express waybill in the VAT number field if available at the time of export. Shipping cars to Saudi Arabia Click here to download the Customs Guide for Saudi Arabia. This is an estimated time frame on the water and applies to other destinations in the region like the U.A.E. Shipping times and costs from Ar-Riyadh (Riyadh), Saudi Arabia to London, United Kingdom. In addition to container shipping, which is the most common method for moving household goods and shipping vehicles to Jeddah and Dammam, for those of you who require a faster turnaround, we also offer air freight services. ", Some of our most popular locations for sending items include: Riyadh, Jeddah, Al-Kharj,, Dammam, Medina, Tabuk, Hafar Al-Batin, Khamis, Mushait, Buraidah, Al Qunfudhah, Al-Ahsa, Najran, Yanbu, Khobar, Mecca, Ha’il, Jubail, Ta’if, Qatif, Abha. For instance, if you want to ship a vehicle, it MUST be no more than 5 years old. If you are a legal resident of a GCC member nation, to import your container from the USA to either Jeddah or Dammam, carriers require a copy of your residents permit. "reviewCount": "5141" As part of our shipping service to Saudi Arabia, we offer a domestic pickup services here in the US. "aggregateRating": { Shipping to Saudi Arabia from USA never been easier. Since it can vary, our representatives create custom quotes for each individual shipment. We provide warehousing, packing, crating, trucking and loading services out of our own warehouses here in the USA - Los Angeles, Houston, Savannah, Miami, New York, and New Jersey. You need our international removals service, Get a quick quote to ship your car overseas, Get a quote to store your goods in your origin country or at your destination, Get best rates for foreign exchange before you move overseas, Anti bribery and anti corruption policies, An assigned move manager to answer queries and organise the process of sending parcels to Saudi Arabia, Strong shipping boxes to ensure the safest delivery when shipping items to Saudi Arabia, Goods collected for loading onto shipping containers & shipped to Saudi Arabia, Belongings delivered & unloaded at the door of your new home, office, hotel etc. With over 30 years’ experience in the sea freight industry, we’re among the most trusted global shipping companies in the UK. Full Container Load: FCL is the favoured option for those shipping an entire home or large work offices etc. US customs documentation and port clearance, tracking and loading are all included in our service. Send a Parcel to Saudi Arabia. "name": "Shipping to Saudi Arabia From USA", You'll also find other helpful information here to ensure your item arrives quickly and safely. When you choose to ship goods to Saudi Arabia with Excess International, we make the process as simple as possible. With container shipping to Saudi Arabia, your goods are loaded into protected containers for ocean transport. Customs Regulations in Saudi Arabia General Requirements of Import : The importer shall have a commercial registration in which the type of importer’s activity matches the imported goods type. How Duties & Taxes Work When Shipping from the USA to Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia's … When you ship with DHL Express – you’re shipping with specialists in international shipping and courier delivery services! **If you are shipping a container to Saudi Arabia and would like to discuss additional options for departures, contact one of our export specialists. "@type": "Review", We specialise in sending cheap parcels to Saudi Arabia. Anglo Pacific is an unmatched provider of shipping to Saudi Arabia services. When shipping with a container, you’ll have the options to deliver goods to one of our 5 warehouses, load yourself via drop and pull or use a live load. There are only two kinds of tariffs levied on goods imported to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which will be referred to as the KSA in the following context. You will be charged for a 20ft or 40ft container depending on the volume of your international removals and you can fill the container how you wish. "review": { }, }} When using this service the overall shipping time will be faster. Capital: Riyadh Population: 33,091,113 (July 2018 est.) With our Air Freight to Saudi Arabia your goods and packages such as personal effects, excess baggage and unaccompanied excess baggage will … After you appoint us for the job, we take care of everything from the collection of your goods to local delivery. Selecting an experienced company to ship your goods is the first important step. We also offer exclusive use of 20 and 40 foot containers to KSA. This type of shipment is the most popular as it offers the best value with the protection of a container. "mpn": "SA004", ©2020 Schumacher Cargo Logistics. "ratingValue": "4.7", Answer. Buraydah, Saudi Arabia I live in Hong Kong and believe it or not, my shoes arrived in just 2 days. All shipments sent via the Parcel ABC platform from Malaysia to Saudi Arabia are covered not only by standard insurance (€25) but also by Parcel ABC insurance. Include a second shipping label inside the box just in case the exterior label becomes damaged and unreadable. She has made this process so pleasant and I truly appreciate her patience with the plethora of questions I have had. We are specialists at shipping goods from the UK to Saudi Arabia, and we are able to deliver to many destinations across Saudi Arabia! We have services for moves, vehicles, freight, and more. The exact documentation required will also vary depending on which port in the USA your goods leave from. Imports to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will require the following: A copy of the importer’s Company Registration (Commercial Registration) for all imports under a company name over $100 USD. There are usually a lot of common questions to be asked by people who are shipping to Saudi Arabia for the first time. Are you relocating to KSA, or plan on shipping to Saudi Arabia from the USA? Please see the chart below for an overview of the tax rate: *Learn more about customs value calculations in this article **From which tariffs are required The time frame for shipping containers to Saudi Arabia can vary, depending on the service you want, there are a lot of variables. Regardless of what you are looking to ship or where you’re located here in the USA, we can orchestrate the entire process, from pickup to arrival. With 35 years of practice under our belts, energetic staff and a reel of excellent customer reviews, it is no surprise that year after year, people turn to us for sending personal and household goods to Saudi Arabia from the UK. Complete the computerized customs forms for any shipping overseas or outside the United States. Although there might be a restriction on tourism, our courier delivery ensures all your cheap parcels to Saudi Arabia get there safely and on time. GRP: If you are shipping the contents of a small apartment, flat, a small office or even just large furniture items from your house – GRP is the best option for you. Cargo through Saudi Post. With this info we can begin to work with you on completing your shipment. SFDA approval should be obtained by the consignee prior to shipping to Saudi Arabia. You can post goods abroad if your business gets small orders from overseas. "worstRating": "1", If you’re looking for a secure and affordable way to send personal effects and household goods to Saudi Arabia? Look no further than Excess International, for our convenient door-to-door service for shipping goods to Saudi Arabia. The second-largest export market for U.S. goods in the Gulf, behind the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also has the largest economy in the region. Furthermore, this time frame is based off the manufacturing date and not the sales date. Get in touch for a free quote today. When you choose to ship goods to Saudi Arabia with Excess International, we make the process as simple as possible. If you are purchasing goods on U.S. eBay, Amazon or at any other seller in the USA and need it to be delivered to Saudi Arabia, then click on the picture below to see how easy the international delivery can be arranged using our sea freight calculator. The KSA import regulations when shipping from the US to Saudi Arabia, will vary depending on the cargo or commodity that is delivered. Once the SFDA has approved the product for entry into Saudi Arabia then a copy of this will be required to be attached to each individual import shipment. **If you are shipping a container to Saudi Arabia and would like to discuss additional options for departures, contact one of our export specialists. The following documents are required for exporting goods to Saudi Arabia: Original certificate of origin legalized by the chamber of commerce of the exporting country; Nov 28, Colombo: The Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) says it has resumed sending migrant workers to Saudi Arabia for employment. In addition to furniture, personal goods and procurement services from all the cities of the United Arab Emirates and Dubai and to their Final destination In Saudi Arabia: Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Khobar, Madinah, Makkah, Hail, Al Hasa, Qatif, Tabuk, Qassim, Jizan, Khamis Mushayt, Abha, Taif and Hafr al-Batin. A few of the things you should have in mind are the type of good, origin, and destination. With oil revenues declining, however, the country is looking for ways to supplement the backbone of its economy. The Government of Saudi Arabia requires that local chambers of commerce around the United States perform the authentication of shipping documents. "name": "Schumacher Cargo Logistics" Excess International works in partnership to provide a Money Transfers service that provides great rates, with no hidden fees and guaranteed to clear within three days. The tradeoff is that the cost is higher as they are not split with other people shipping. In regards to cars, 2-4 are loaded depending on size. "ratingValue": "5" Whatever the way you ship dangerous goods is, you should name the person that will be responsible for it. Also, freight forwarding companies Saudi Arabia have their own rules about it. Look no further than Excess International, for our convenient door-to-door service for shipping goods to Saudi Arabia. That person should contact an attorney or shipping company if something goes wrong. We offer both consolidated and exclusive container services which each have their own benefits. It should know everything about … Inclusive in your shipping goods to Saudi Arabia costs are: There are lots of different you may be shipping goods to Saudi Arabia. This service’s benefit is there is no wait time to ship once we have your goods and documentation. For example shipping to Saudi Arabia from LA has a different price than NY with everything else the same. You are at the right place; there are three options to get a proper quote from Southeast Movers 1. Shipping to Saudi Arabia We have the most popular ways to send your goods, parcel, Excess Baggage or gift to Saudi Arabia in hand. Country Specific List for Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Import Prohibitions All shipments containing jewelry including, but not limited to, gold, silver, platinum, pearls, stones and diamonds, etc. "@context": "", The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced its Vision 2030 economic reform plan to set the Kingdom on a rapid course of transformation. Saudi Arabia takes up most of the Arabian Peninsula – it’s quite a large country! MyUS provides up-to-date information on alerts that may impact shipping times to certain countries. SAUDI ARABIA is open to the public to send cargo to any parts of the nation. Schumacher Cargo Logistics utilizes insured, secured and bonded facilities. "datePublished": "2019-09-05", Our knowledge zone is designed to help you find the answers quickly to questions you might have. Calculating the cost of a shipment to Saudi Arabia needs detailed information about the vehicle or household goods for accuracy. Our staff have been helping people move their goods to Saudi Arabia for years. "description": "Need a reliable international shipping to Saudi Arabia? The service includes; a best rate guarantee, safe and secure transfer by an FCO authorised company, a free service with a personal account manager to discuss your requirements. The only exception to this is when shipping a vehicle, as we do all of our loading at our company locations. Whether you are moving to Saudi Arabia or shipping a vehicle to Dammam, our container shipping service and air freight division offer everything you need for a stress free shipment. Your effects are stowed and secured within a shared container and you will only pay for the space your possessions occupy. Certificate from the exporting country stating that the consignment is in conformity with […] I am quoting for a job in Saudi Arabia and need to find out if I should charge sales tax, how much it is and whether or not the UK has a treaty with Saudi Arabia. We’ve been providing international shipping services to Saudi Arabia from the USA for over 40 years. We hope you find this information useful. Saudi Arabia local authorities have introduced new customs requirements for clearance of certain commodities. Regularly, we ship to and from Saudi Arabia items related to auto parts, Helicopters, aero parts, media equipment, electronics Food, Beverages, medical related products and general pallet shipping, crates just to name some cargo. "sku":"SA004", Any advice gratefully received. It toook longer to get them delivered to my Ship7 inside USA. If you need more information or want to get a shipping rate to Saudi Arabia from the U.S, please fill out our online quote form or give us a call today. The fourth option to cargo goods from Saudi Arabia to any country in the … Whatever your needs, if you’re looking for a secure and simple method for shipping goods to Saudi Arabia, we’re more than happy to help. Saudi Arabia Shipping Experts World Cargo, operating out of Vancouver BC for 35 years, is your premiere international shipping company. For bigger orders, most businesses use a transporter or customs agent. "brand": { "bestRating": "5", Shipping to Saudi Arabia might be a challenge for other couriers, but not for DPDLocal-Online. Some of the commodities impacted by this new regulatory change are electrical and electromechanical equipment, medications and pharmaceuticals, laboratory chemicals and solutions, cosmetics and perfumes, food, electronic cigarettes and tobacco, among others. Check those rules whenever shipping dangerous goods. Send a Parcel to Saudi Arabia from the UK | Royal Mail Group Ltd When sending items overseas it's important to know which service best meets your needs as well as checking whether the item you are sending is allowed in the destination country. The National Transformation Programme (NTP) 2020, which is a part of Saudi Vision 2030, aims at achieving Governmental Operational Excellence, Improving Economic Enablers and Enhancing Living Standards. For further information … Hugh. Original invoice attested by the agency responsible for trade in the exporting country. Complete the Customs Forms. Even when phoning and getting a different representative, they have all been so helpful. All other worldwide destinations are covered by our affiliated organization member companies. Our main service for shipping to KSA is through container shipments. ", Request a quick quote and reduce your shipping cost now Choose a responsible person. with a declared or commercial value of above US$5 are prohibited and will be confiscated by the customs authorities in Saudi Arabia Read our guide on how to ship to Saudi Arabia from USA below and start your shipment today. If you can’t find the answer then use our ‘Ask an Expert’ form to make contact or chat to us on LiveChat on this site.

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