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Get our free Padres Daily newsletter, free to your inbox every day of the season. You have no idea nor does anyone else……. some here seem to think Liberatore is a slam dunk all star. Weathers, who will be introduced Monday morning at Petco Park, went 10-0 with a 0.09 ERA and 148 strikeouts in 76 innings at Tennessee’s Loretto High School, following MacKenzie Gore – last year’s first-rounder – as the Gatorade National Baseball High School Player of the Year. Takes Weathers over the much better Liberatore because he’ll supposedly be cheaper and yet Weathers gets a bigger signing bonus!? 44) and Logan Allen (No. Dudes been pretty good at the whole farm system thing for a while now. While World Series tournaments with more teams seem on the horizon, older clubs had only one path to playoffs. No. I liked Liberatore’s pitching mix more, higher ceiling it seemed, but who knows, Weathers may surprise us. We’ll all know for sure in a few days how much Weathers signing for full slot ended up affecting the Padres total draft. What scout? And even if your logic were true, Liberatore would still have been cheaper than Weathers cuz he signed for below slot while Weathers signed for slot. I really couldn’t tell you..I mean, you do have to consider Liberator was ultimately selected by the Rays with the 16th pick, which carried roughly a 3.6 mil slot bonus…Although, even with that being said, Liberatore didn’t even sign for the full amount, I don’t believe. High school players in particular have tons of leverage and can kinda pick where they want to go. It doesn’t matter where you’re projected. You would never guess he was a 19 year old at AA, when he gave some of those interviews. Lol bro, they didn’t say what his pay was until after my comment was posted. 2 Baylor, Saturday. No one said Liberatore is better, but as a kid coming out of high school he was always projected to have one of the highest ceilings, and since the pads are amidst a rebuild, it would have made a bit more sense to take a left hander with more potential. If Liberatore was drafted earlier, he probably would’ve signed for the same amount as Weathers or slightly less. It would have made more sense if Weathers signed underslot, but that didn’t happen. That tells us Preller knows what he’s doing. Many teams passed on Liberatore…..not just SD. Bonuses posted anonymously by Ryan, LLC employees. 7 th overall: LHP Ryan Weathers (Loretto, Tenn., HS), $5.23 million signing bonus, 2019 at low Single-A Fort Wayne (3.84 ERA). Just a theory. Though the Loretto (Tennessee) High School product was a consensus first-round talent according to MLB.com, Baseball America and Fangraphs, all three of those publications ranked him outside of their top ten draft prospects; MLB.com in particular cited his lack of a “true out pitch” as reason to doubt he’d be taken so high in the draft. Loretto’s Ryan Weathers pitches against Lawrence County during a game earlier this year at Vanderbilt. Out of the top 30 picks, Draft pick #9 ,11, 28 were ranked lower, but still signed a bonus $100,000 less than projected which is not a lot considering they were ranked lower than expected. Yes exactly. I thought Liberatore, was just about a sure fire top 8 pick, falling at the LATEST to the Braves, and I can’t believe the Rays ended up getting him with what could be the steal of the 1st round.. Overall, I liked the Edwards pick a lot more than this pick. 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Weathers also has a fair amount of pedigree; his father is Dave Weathers, who enjoyed a major-league career spanning a remarkable 19 seasons. Apparently Weathers does. In your logic, those player can’t low ball it even if they got pick low. And, as a Braves’ fan, Soroka is also now my favorite pitcher in their rotation..Reading his interviews are AWESOME!! SDN [2] ID Numbers. The Padres ended up punting their 8-10 round picks to save money, but still have 10 unsigned draftees from rounds 12-20 that may end up going unsigned without any savings from Weathers. Weathers is well-known for his overall athleticism, having led his high school to their first-ever state championship in basketball prior to pitching for them this spring. …. Doesn’t save the Padres any money for Edwards. He signed with the Padres on July 1, 2018, receiving a $5,226,500 signing bonus. If you’re ranked low but ger drafter higher than expected, then you must give the team that drafter you a good discount. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. They already have Edwards re re Pick #16 got payed $100,000 less than expected. No player is trying to sign for x amount over slot. 14), Adrian Morejon (No. Right on the money Priggs. If that was it I’m pretty sure the Rays would have been one of the teams he didn’t want to play for. I can’t help you with Liberatore or Singer, but Murray was ranked #36 because of sign-ability questions (football). Only time will tell though! By Dennis Lin Jul 2, 2018 9. And as for Weathers, they passed on better players because “He would sign for cheap” and that didn’t even end up being truem. You do realize that the Padres traded Truner when he was a #95 prospect, right? I think you’d have to ask yourself which is better: the duo of Weathers and Edwards or Liberatore?? Hogwash, since when is the MLBTR comment section supposed to be filled with reason, patience, and an idea that makes perfect sense.. I trust the teams professional scouts that actually go out there and scout the players for months and even get to meet up with them instead of someone a bunch of baseball writers who have never seen any of the prospects play in person. Preller is genius can’t you tell by his trades and free agent signings. Weathers, out of Loretto High School in Tennessee, pairs his low-90s fastball with two strong off-speed offerings -- a changeup and a curve. Some scouts believe his big curveball might be an even better pitch than his fastball. Maybe Liberatore just didn’t want to go to San Diego for whatever reason. He made an immediate impact in his first season of professional baseball, dominating at short-season Grand Junction as the Rockies looked to limit the mileage on his arm after 97 innings … Gore, Lucchesi, Weathers, Morejon, Lauer/Allen. How do you think these baseball writers come up with these reports? Picks #13, 14, 23, 24 were also lower than they were picked, but still signed a bonus the same amount than projected and pick #17 got payed $600,000 more than projected. Ryan Weathers, the most high-profile member of Vanderbilt baseball’s 2018 signing class, won’t play for the Commodores after all. A lot of the best HS kids have dropped in the past to avoid getting drafted by certain teams. Update, 7/6: Schwarz signed for $140,000, bringing the A’s total bonus pool spending up to $10,030,700. The 18-year-old Weathers, the seventh overall pick in last month’s draft, on Sunday agreed to sign for the recommended bonus – $5.23 million – a source confirmed for the Union-Tribune. Bonus. No one said Liberatore is a slam dunk All Star Einstein. This is the second time in three years that Preller has passed on the best player available to take a guy who would supposedly sign for cheaper and then gave his guy a bigger signing bonus than the guy he passed on got. “The better pitcher”? Regardless though, it’ll be interesting to see how the careers of Weathers, the Braves’ high school pitcher Carter Stewart, and the Rays’ Liberatore all turn out..Along with the other high school pitchers from the first round of the 2018 draft.. I’m putting my money on Carter Stewart having the best career, but he hasn’t even signed yet, sooo…Yeah, he needs to sign aoon, so I can finally calm down lol…, Anyways, Carter was the Braves’ consensus #1 prospect in the 2018 draft..Or at least that is what they’ve said, so take that for what it is worth..lol. So no, it’s not my logic, its facts. In his first at-bat against Ryan Weathers, he chased a fastball up and out of the zone while striking out, then against lesser talent later in the game slashed a stand up triple to the gap. Thursday No. Why would he sign for below-slot? Nope because Weathers got a bigger signing bonus than Liberatore. The Padres have signed left-hander Ryan Weathers, the number seven overall pick in this year’s amateur draft. Not a decent pick considering Brady Singer, Matt Liberatore and Carter Stewart were still on the board and Liberatore signed for cheaper than Weathers. But they went off script for many by selecting Ryan Weathers.. Weathers, like 2016 first-rounder Cal Quantrill, is a second-generation pitcher, and has been on scouting radar throughout his high school career.He emerged as a potential first-round option last summer … Not just one. It sounds really good on paper, but that just shows you how unpredictable baseball is. That’s only $160 short of their aforementioned ceiling. Subscribe to email newsletters from the Union-Tribune about news, sports, business, opinion and more. Today none of us know what will become of these players, but the industry consensus was that Weathers wasn’t the 7th best player in this draft. He’s a very cerebral pitcher, and that’s a trait that CANNOT be overlooked.. Now, guys like Soroka don’t come along very often, especially not having that kind of mindset and approach at the age of 20, but maybe Weathers is another cerebral pitcher, and maybe that’ll be his key to future success..?? Like if you’re drafted in the top 10 and you try to play hardball more often then not you end up like Aiken/Whitson. You do realize that if you get picked later in the draft your signing bonus starts decreasing, right? Maybe in talking to friends,coaches etc something came up that made so many teams pass on him? And gave up a top 10 prospect in baseball (and a shortstop to boot) for more trash (Wil Myers), You also seem to care a lot of where prospects are ranked. I’m saying if you are projected to go lower but get picked in the top 10, choosing to go to college over signing is at best greedy and at worst reckless. Weathers ended up getting the full slot value -- $5.23 million. And as for Weathers, once he was drafted in that slot he probably demanded slot money or he wouldn’t sign either. I take back my earlier comments forsure, but just got to trust the process as a fan of the game.. Yeah they updated the article and posted the dollar amount. Kershaw is a prime example. Now, it faces a backlash, State officials are considering the kind of stay-at-home order that helped curb the virus’ spread in the spring. Why you gotta leave out Margevicius? Oh yes that’s why he was drafter 16th overall, because the scouts I’m referring to loved him so much they didn’t want to draft him #4 like he was projected to be. Privacy PolicyTerms of ServiceSign Up For Our Newsletters, Copyright © 2020, The San Diego Union-Tribune |. LHP Ryan Weathers assigned to Padres Alternate Training Site from Fort Wayne TinCaps. Now let’s do it vice versa, players who were ranked high, but got pick low. Ryan Weathers stands with his parents Kelli and David after he was named the 2017-2018 Gatorade National Baseball Player of the Year at a surprise ceremony at Loretto High School on May 31. So if what you were saying were true then Liberatore would’ve had a higher signing bonus than projected because he was picked lower than he was ranked, but that didn’t happen, Okay so here’s what you’re saying. Maybe, just maybe, they thought that Weathers was the better prospect and they were ok with signing him at slot value . How can everyone miss Preller’s master plan? If his agent plays hardball with a team and doesn’t give them indication he will sign he probably has insurances with another team like the rays or Royals who had all kinds of money to spend that he will get picked later and still get 1st round money. MLB Debut. Draft #9 got payed $600,000 less than expected. Somehow, I get the feeling that Weathers won’t be another Mike Soroka situation. If Liberatore was drafted earlier he would’ve had a bigger signing bonus. So basically you are saying g that Preller is right and all those other scouts were wrong. But he was supposed to sign for significantly under slot and he didn’t. But you gave hindsight scouting to Tatis and said “but he was only ranked #95 at the time” with Turner. Who said they were going to sign him for under slot? Liberatore was drafter 16th overall for a reason. He was the last one of the top 10 rounds So if I understand correctly, you are saying that Preller was right and everyone else was wrong? Obviously no one can say for sure tho. Who give AF? Nice try bro but if what you are saying was the case with Liberatore he would have signed for above slot. They must’ve just liked something better about Weathers. Why are you singling out Preller? I may be mistaken, but didn’t Liberatore check off those boxes too..? MLB.com’s Jim Callis first reported Weathers’ signing bonus, which will keep him from his college commitment to Vanderbilt. While if you are projected to go higher but fall, then the odds of you doing better in a future draft are higher so you’d have to be well compensated for foregoing that chance. at any rate, it’s another five years before we know how these choices by all the teams pan out,. Padres pitcher Chris Paddack on start vs. Mariners and possibility of making rotation, Catching up with Padres reliever Craig Stammen, Three things that stood out from Machado's first day with the Padres, Padres manager Andy Green on Machado joining his roster, [email protected]; Twitter: @sdutSanders. Weathers mixes his three pitches well, with a deceptive fastball that sits at 90-93 mph, a deep, upper-70s curveball and an advanced changeup. A free inside look at Ryan, LLC bonus trends based on 915 bonuses wages for 233 jobs at Ryan, LLC. 21 Oregon looks to rebound against winless California, No. He had all the leverage.” But it was my impression that he was going to and that was why they took him because he clearly wasn’t the best player available. Or maybe the Padres and other teams saw something they didn’t like in Liberatore’s workout. Join Facebook to connect with Ryan Weathers and others you may know. Of course, in practice only one team needs to like Weathers better than Liberatore to draft him higher and with baseball’s draft talent is never the only consideration to when a player will be chosen. People acting like Preller and maybe more importantly Logan White shouldn’t get the benefit of the doubt crack me up. But neither is Weathers. With the picks the Padres made, they should be able to get it done. He will report to the Padres’ spring training complex in Peoria, Ariz., for the start of his professional career shortly after Monday’s introductory press conference. Players tell teams not to draft them all the time. * The Cubs refused to pay the bonus, citing a pre-existing injury was not disclosed. Yonder Alonso contract details, salary breakdowns, payroll salaries, bonuses, career earnings, market value, transactions and statistics. 100) are all ranked among MLB.com’s top-100 prospects in the game, and Weathers, the son of a veteran of 19 major league seasons, certainly has the pedigree and stuff to join them. Already looking forward to the 2021 NFL Draft? L White especially seems to have a pedigree of sorts when draft left handed pitchers out of high school. Don’t think questioning Preller’s prospect knowledge is a good idea. Lots of variables with HS seniors. But you can’t say it was a mistake “now”. The 6-foot-1, 200-pound Weathers was sitting 94-95 mph in his state championship before the draft, a heavy four-seamer that he pairs with a downward-biting slider and a low-80s change-up. “Why would he sign for below-slot? Still, maybe they saw something in him that Liberatore lacked. They saved absolutely no money with this move. Its clear he wants to sport a 5 man lefty rotation! The left-handed Gore (No. All good prospects.. only time will tell. Log in Register, MLB Trade Rumors is not affiliated with Major League Baseball, MLB or MLB.com, 2020-21 Top 50 MLB Free Agents With Predictions, Twins Non-Tender Eddie Rosario, Matt Wisler, Cubs Non-Tender Schwarber, Almora, Tepera, AL Notes: King Felix, Tigers, Angels, Richards, International Notes: Twins, Phillies, Cardinals, Rockies Non-Tender David Dahl, Tony Wolters, White Sox Non-Tender Nomar Mazara, Carlos Rodon, Major League Baseball Announces Formation Of MLB Draft League, Thomas Eshelman Clears Waivers, Elects Free Agency, Domingo Santana To Sign With Japan’s Yakult Swallows, Brewers Non-Tender Ben Gamel, Alex Claudio, Jace Peterson, How To Set Up Notifications For Breaking News. 7,406 Followers, 1,367 Following, 36 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Ryan Weathers (@ryanweathers25) I’m not sure if you’re talking to me or the guy before me, but I know plenty about sports, and I also know that your response has nothing to do with what I said. Weathers did a Q&A with MLBDD in advance of the MLB Draft, which begins on June 4th. When the Padres drafted Weathers No. Ryan Weathers jumps into top 10. The younger Weathers gives a lot of credit for his development to his dad. Buddy it’s not just us. Taking Liberatore wouldn’t have prevented the Padres from signing anybody. What that is, I have no clue. In Peoria, Ornelas’s performance was very much like what the Padres have seen thus far, full of mixed results. The son of longtime big leaguer David Weathers, Ryan totaled 18.1 innings between rookie ball and Low-A after being drafted. Mlb draft because of the slotting system makes it nearly impossible to predict. Who knows……but what I do know is “we” don’t know. He is the son of former big league reliever David Weathers. View the profiles of people named Ryan Weathers. Definitely a riskier signing now that I see the dollar amount. San Diegan Barry Zito is on the ballot for the first time, but could a lack of no-doubt Hall of Fame candidates inch Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens closer to the Baseball Hall of Fame? 2019. It also tells us that maybe they wanted Weathers instead of Liberatore for reasons we aren’t privy too. The whole “he’s a great athlete, he won a basketball state championship” is watered significantly when you realize Tennessee isn’t a basketball hot bed. 21 Oregon will try to clean up its play as it prepares to face winless California in Berkeley, AP source: Michigan had at least 12 positive COVID-19 cases, A person familiar with the situation tells The Associated Press that Michigan canceled Saturday’s home game against Maryland because of at least 12 positive cases for COVID-19 within the football program, Bengals’ Burrow has knee surgery, complete recovery expected, Cincinnati Bengals rookie quarterback Joe Burrow had knee surgery and is expected to make a full recovery, No fans to be allowed at Rose Bowl for CFP semifinal game, No spectators will be allowed at the Rose Bowl for the College Football Playoff semifinal on Jan. 1 because of state, county and city of Pasadena COVID-19 restrictions. Name one? So, it looks like by drafting Liberatore instead of Weathers, not only could the Padres possibly saved a few thousand dollars, they would have also gotten the pitcher with a much higher ceiling.. The San Diego Padres followed much of the media consensus Monday and called the first high school pitcher off the board. Organizations. What I’m saying is whatever Liberatore got was what he was asking for all along and if the reports of him wanting top 5 pick money were true he’d be going to college. Nice try bro but not a single scout had this guy ahead of Liberatore. Lefty Ryan Rolison was a draft0eligible sophomore out of Ole Miss. New, 9 comments. None, because he’s still 19. It’s generally believed that Weathers has a high floor for a high school selection. I still can’t understand why teams passed on those players, but many of them did, so there must be a good reason. The son of 19-year major league veteran David Weathers, Ryan is an advanced lefthanded pitcher out of Tennessee who offers a high floor for a prep arm. He was later drafted by the Rays, another team amidst a rebuild who could have gotten away with taking a high risk/reward type of guy. He obliged by signing for $4.3 million, or almost a million less than the $5.18 million San Diego had for the draft slot–money they used to snag Cole Wilcox in the third round. That’s a lie. And if I’m a player I’d demand more money if I were drafted lower. He could prove us all wrong, but there’s a chance he might end up becoming a bullpen piece or Wade Leblanc 2.0. Uh yeah. Eric Longerhagenflagensmagen? Let us tell you what will happen. Okay dude I don’t know if you know anything about sports, but in most drafts the higher you get picked the higher signing bonus you’ll get . You’re acting like I said he would’ve taken $3.5M even if he was picked at 7 instead of 16, which isn’t even close to what I actually said. What about the other 10 GM’s who passed on him? 2018 Amateur Draft 2018 Amateur Draft Signings San Diego Padres. All of them. Could Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens make a move in Cooperstown voting? Fangraph fools are not scouts. Column: Padres must chase down pitching, again, Club needs a dependable, front-line starter with Mike Clevinger sidelined, Column: MLB seems likely to lend Padres, others a big hand with expanded postseason. Why was Brady Singer drafted 18th overall when he was projected at #2? Register Pitching; Year Age AgeDif Tm Lg Lev Aff W L W-L% ERA RA9 G GS GF CG SHO SV IP H R ER HR BB IBB SO HBP BK WP BF WHIP H9 HR9 BB9 SO9 SO/W; 2018: 18: 2 Teams: 2 Lgs: Rk-A: SDP: 0: 3.000: 3.44 I loved this pick, saved us enough money to snag Xavier Edwards with pick two. Weathers committed to Vanderbilt University to play college baseball. No. Gatorade POY 26,997 views. Service Time. That way we can have a “real scout’s” take on the issue. So let’s put it this way, the Padres gave up the top #95 prospect in all of baseball and pitching prospect that didn’t even make it into the Padres top 20 in 2014 for the 2013 AL rookie of the year. The point is you can argue “today” all you want. They use their years of industry experience and connections to talk to numerous scouts and front office personnel to form a consensus opinion of these players. If he does as well as his dad, it was a good choice. Do you realize that Tatis was a complete unknown who hadn’t even made his stateside debut and appeared on ZERO top 100 prospect lists when the White Sox traded him? He had all the leverage. The Padres already boast the top left-handed pitching prospect in the game. Tyler Stubblefield. Wtf is Preller doing!? Sure the guy has a great pedigree, but he doesn’t even have a true “out” pitch. Join Facebook to connect with Ryan Weathers and others you may know. Also sign up for our community newspaper newsletters, and CaregiverSD. May 19, 2019: The White Sox giving up an unknown Dominican League player and a failed pitching prospect for an innings eater who had a 3.06 ERA prior to his last start with the Padres also sounded good on paper. “Maybe Liberatore just didn’t want to go to San Diego for whatever reason.” Ryan Weathers, a member of Vanderbilt’s 2018 signing class, was named the Gatorade National Baseball Player of the Year on Thursday. Being such a boringly lame putz on a sports blog does not make you sound more intelligent.. To everyone who’s complaining on why the Padres didn’t pick Liberatore, there must be a good reason. AJ Cassavell of MLB.com was first to tweet news of the signing; Jim Callis of MLB.com reports that he’ll receive the full slot amount of $5,226.500 as his signing bonus. By Kyle Downing | July 1, 2018 at 6:30pm CDT. Preller has a better track record than them in the scouting dept. Reggie Preciado, 16, the top 2019 prospect from Panama signed with the San Diego Padres for $1.3 million on July 2. ... both are committed to Vanderbilt University and could opt to attend school rather than turn pro now that a first-round signing bonus is off the table. Weathers is a power pitcher with finesse, thanks to his ability to locate the ball well. Correct, and even though neither of us are professional scouts…Last I checked the professional scouts ranked both Liberatore and Stewart higher than Weathers.. No one is making claims of anyone being an all-star, we are just saying which guy we’d rather have.. He’s not going to accept less money just cuz he got picked later. Bond fire rapidly jumps through Orange County canyons, forcing more evacuations. Padres get rookie of the year for top #95 and unknown prospect vs James Shields and cash considerations for unknown prospect. Cuz apparently the Rays are so much better? Literally no one had Weathers ahead of Stewart, Singer or Liberatore. Ehh, I don’t think that is necessarily the only case to be made. Weathers has a good change-up as well, which he utilized often. Bottom line: Padres would have been able to sign Edwards regardless of who they took at #8. I was just trying to help out and stick up for the guy earlier..You know, the one who was clearly wrong about pretty much everything he said..lol. You’re forgetting the Padres gave up James Shields (trash) for a number the #4 prospect in all of baseball. That’s just mean…. As an example, if scouts from 25 different teams like Liberatore better than Weathers, you’ll see him ranked higher. Far above slot for that matter. 6:34 p.m.: This story was updated with further reporting. MLB Draft 2018: Get to know potential first round draft pick Ryan Weathers. You guys who think you already know who will be the better Major League pitcher 4 years from now crack me up.

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