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Carpinus Betulus Frans Fontaine, or Hornbeam Frans Fontaine, is an excellent landscape tree which can be used in gardens large or small due to its narrow, upright habit.Its elegant columnar shape makes it … The cultivar Fran Fontaine is a hornbeam variant which grows to a height of 40’ but maintains a narrow columnar shape and typically does not exceed 20’ in width. The very narrow habit makes this Carpinus, suitable for even the smallest of gardens and also for growing as an avenue tree! As with Carpinus betulus fastigiata it leaves turn orange and gold in the autumn. Birch Trees. This … Trees On Sale. Betula pendula 'Fastigiata' Pyramidal European Birch. Fran Fontaine Hornbeam – The sleek columnar tree has deep green leaves that are golden in fall. About Frans Fontaine Hornbeam. This introduction from Holland has a darker green crown and narrower growth habit than the species 30-35' x 15-18'. European Hornbeam Features The European Hornbeam is an attractive, columnar tree with dense branches when young, spreading into a broad cone shape with age. £6.95 P&P for ANY number of plants to most of UK. A little similar to the more common form, Carpinus betulus 'Fastigiata' but with a more narrow, tight habit of growth and deeply veined foliage which is lush green in spring and summer before turning a rich mustard-yellow in autumn. Catalpa bignonioides. Frans Fontaine European hornbeam (Carpinus betulus 'Frans Fontaine… ©2020, The Oregon Association of Nurseries. The nursery only digs these Frans Fontaine Hornbeams in the Spring, so we couldn't plant them this fall, but this will be one of the first projects I take on as the weather breaks come late April or May. Show ... Frans Fontaine Hornbeam … Frans Fontaine European Hornbeam Zone: 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b. Fall color is brilliant on this more formal variety. Tolerant of chalk and clay soil. Pyramidal European Hornbeam. Hornbeam Plant of Merit: 5 gal. (Columnar Hornbeam) Carpinus betulus 'Frans Fontaine' is an outstanding narrow tree which was selected originally from a columnar street tree found in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Frans Fontaine Hornbeam is a dense deciduous tree with a narrowly upright and columnar growth habit. Good heat tolerance. ... Hornbeam Trees; Hornbeam Trees. Widely used in landscaping the European Hornbeam with its upright habit makes a good screening tree or tall hedge. Tree Care Supplies. Its relatively fine texture sets it apart from other landscape plants with less refined foliage. This size is currently unavailable for sale; the next batch is currently being grown at Barcham and will be available for sale soon. 5L pot (3 - 4 years old, 100 - 125 cm tall). Fagus sylvatica 'Dawyck Green' Dawyck Green Beech. View as Grid List. The European hornbeam is native to Europe eastward to central Asia. Supplied Size. Join the OAN, The handsome beech-look-alike hornbeams make a fine large hedge, especially this VERY select variety with its VERY narrow (to only 15' wide x 35' high) dense (thus slow growing) habit. The narrower habit makes Carpinus 'Frans Fontaine… Manage Your Profile Carpinus betulus 'Frans Fontaine' Frans Fontaine Hornbeam . Mailing Address 9275 South 1300 West West Jordan, Utah 84088 Phone Numbers Main Office: (801) 562-5496 Fax Number: (801) 562-5595 Email Us: [email protected] Business Hours Mon-Sat: 8am … Not a Member Yet? After close to a year of thinking and planning for the installation of a row of Frans Fontaine European Columnar Hornbeam trees along our north property line, we had eight of them installed in late May of … Please login or Register to leave a comment. Shop Trees by Species. … Prefers full sun. This is a … (However due to high demand we are currently shipping orders within 8 - 12 working days), Surcharges apply for Highlands/Islands.

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