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The use of bamboo is prevalent when it comes to accessories. Ponung. They also form a chain holding each other’s waist and then swing their feet in unison. Culture MOPIN FESTIVAL OF ARUNACHAL PRADESH hey360dms April 5, 2019 April 5, 2019 List of Folk Dances in India State Wise (PDF) Dear Aspirants, in this Article, We Are Providing You detailed information about the List of Folk Dances in India which is the most useful General Awareness, Static GK Topic for the persons who are all preparing for competitive exams like Bank, Insurance, SSC, Railway, Civil Service Commission, etc.. Get all latest content delivered straight to your inbox. Performed during major festivities the Wancho dance is a vital part of the celebrations. One such popular dance form prevalent in this culturally rich land is the Ghoda Naach. The way Popir dancers dress up is pretty interesting. The music and dance of Arunachal Pradesh are generally performed in groups, in which both men & women participate. Most of dances are performed on the rhythm of the songs sung in chorus. The Mopin Festival is an agricultural festival celebrated by the Galo tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, India in particular of the Galo group of tribes which resides in East Siang and West Siang districts. The Mopin Festival of Galo community of Arunachal Pradesh is an agricultural festival celebrated for good harvest, good health, peace and prosperity. The third group comprises of Octes and Wanchos tribal communities of the Tirap district. The dances of the people of Arunachal are group- where both men and women take part. Mopin Festival – Arunachal Pradesh This is a festival of the Galo tribe held in the month of April. 13. The Ziro … Galo Community also takes participation in this dance form to make the festivity a remarkable one. It is the single largest tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. Written by Eshani Nandy. It depicts stories of animals and the dancers imitate gait and movements of the animals. They follow basic Vaishnavism and maintain a strict village society which is ruled by a hereditary chief. The dance performed … The main highlight of the festival is the indigenous folk dance “Popir”, which is performed by young Galo women. According to history, the prime objective of the festival is to ostracise the evil spirits that bring upon ill-luck to the people. The rituals and traditions they follow is something you might have never seen or heard of before. Folk dances are performed during festivals and likewise as leisure routine. People here don't need any time to enjoy dance and music as it can be enjoyed at any time and any day. There are however some dances such as igo dance of the Mishmi priests, war dance of the Adis, Noctes and Wanchos, ritualistic dance of the Buddhist tribes, which are male dances. Popir (Adi Tribe), etc. It is mainly performed by female members of the clan. The dance is performed elegantly with dancers in traditional attire and nicely ornamented. Do you love to attend music festivals? She is one of the most worshipped goddesses of the Galo tribe and hence the dance is a crucial part of the celebrations. Dance of Arunachal Pradesh. For example, the Aji Lamu dance is performed by the Monpa Tribe, the Chalo dance by Nocte Tribe and the Pasi Kongi, Ponungg, Popir dances by the Adi Tribe. In order to please or place an offering to God an animal is sacrificed, in this case Mithun is considered very auspicious animal. The celebrations include the Popir dance and the distribution of fresh rice wine. They dance on important rituals, during festivals and also for recreation occassionally. It is the rituals of fertility of crops, plants, animals and human beings. Lion and Peacock Dance Lion and Peacock Dance is performed by Monap people. It is done for recreational purposes and has quite a novel touch to it. The people of Arunachal dance on important rituals, during festivals and also for recreation. One of the festivals that has come to attention is the Mopi festival. Dance performances at weddings, fairs, and other festivals are a common thing in Jharkhand. The beating of … A band of big coins is tied around the waist. These few steps are done in repetition. Two groups participate in this dance, and each group has two drummers. Wancho Dance of Arunachal Pradesh. The headgear has bamboo tufts drooping from it. It is colourful and a delight to watch the women perform it. The rituals and traditions they follow is something you might have never seen or heard of before. Arr-Rinam is the Galo equivalent of lockdown imposed by consensus for 48 hours whenever an epidemic strikes. Females are not allowed to participate in these dances. The people of Arunachal Pradesh take pride in their colourful dance and music. Popularly known as Nagpuri dance, Domkach is part of wedding festivities. The Popir dance comprises of simple and classy moves. Arunachal-Pradesh – Aji Lamu The various folk dances are often associated with a particular tribe of the region. One can see the people of the state being entertained by their dance and music, which forms an integral part of the lives of the people. The dancers wear masks resembling cock and lion heads. Bardo Chham is a folk dance of Arunachal Pradesh and a crucial ritual among the ethno-various group of north-east people. Aji Lamu (Monpa Tribe) Roppi (Nishing Tribe) Hiirii Khaniing (Apatani Tribe) Popir (Adi Tribe) Pasi Kongki (Adi) Chalo (Nocte Tribe) Cuisine of Arunachal Pradesh. It is usually performed by the Monpa and Sherdupen people. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'auchitya_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',108,'0','0']));The major rituals involve thanking God and praying for the good health and prosperity of the community in the coming days. Popular dance form of the Adis. The Popir dance is a specialty of this tribe and a must-watch if you are in Arunachal Pradesh. The word Ghoda... Domkach is a traditional wedding dance that belongs to Jharkhand and Bihar. Mopin festival dance. Ziro Valley – Learn Local Culture And Tradition. Tufts of bamboo threads are tucked into this waistband. Dances form a vital element in the zest and joy of living of the tribals. The faces are smeared with a white powder of rice flour. The dancers make small movements with their feet. These are dances of different tribes which get together in a group and dance. These primitive tribal communities living at the Himalayan skirt for centuries were able to retain their targeted tradition of thousand years. This is a well-known folk dance performed by the local peeps of Adi Tribes. They speak the language called Tani Galo and are known for some peculiar practices. Lion and Peacock Dance: Lion and Peacock Dance is a folk dance form of Monpas, a tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal Pradesh has do many dance forms including Aji Lamu, Chalo, Hiri Khaning, Lion and Peacock dance, Pasi Kongki, Ponung , Popir which have different songs, all the people listen them in chorus. It is performed by the women folks during the celebration of Solung or any kind of merry making functions. Popir dance is mainly done for recreational purposes after the completion of important rituals of the Mopi festival. She is believed to be the Goddess of prosperity and fertility and the dance is done to impress the Goddess. This must see festival of Arunachal Pradesh is a five day long affair and they chant folk songs along with an elegant dance known as Popir. The speciality about this renowned Fete is it’s incredible Dance which is famed as- Popir among the local residents and the villagers. Some of the popular folk dances of the people of Arunachal Pradesh are Aji Lamu (Monpa), Roppi (Nishing), Buiya (Nishing), Hurkani (Apatani), Popir (Adi), Pasi Kongki (Adi), Chalo (Nocte), Ponung (Adi), Rekham Pada (Nishing), Lion and Peacock dance (Monpa) and so on. The Galos perform Popir dance. In the culturally rich land of Arunachal Pradesh, the Galo tribe is known for its popular dance form, Popir dance. Another feature of the Mopin festival is that a dance known as Popir is performed in a very elegant way. The goddess Mopin is worshipped to drive evil spirits away. Cymbals and drums are played in the background while the songs are sung. Dance forms an important aspect of the socio-cultural heritage of the people of Arunachal Pradesh. The Arr-Rinam follows the Ali-Ternam (the word Ali means epidemic and Ternam means forestall) ritual to ward off an epidemic. The people can also enjoy locally brewed rice beer called Apong by Galo tribe. Music. Dance and Music of Arunachal. The Galo smear ‘ette’, a rice flour on each others’ face and perform a dance called Popir to mark the festival. They dance on their best traditonal costumes and adorn themselves with multi-colored beaded ornaments. Rice, Meat, Rice Beer, Paa-Saa (fish soup), Eka, Yi, Paro & Hikhu, Alyi Yo & Guiyang Hamang, Sihi Yo Sangkho, Momo, Thukpa, Gyapa, Khazi. Yak Dance Yak Dance is one of the popular folk dances of Arunachal Pradesh. Long necklaces of multi-color beads are an important part of the attire. The Nagpuri version of the dance is further... link to Ghoda Naach Folk Dance of Jharkhand, Laho: An Essential Folk Dance in Behdienkhlam Festival of Meghalaya, Lambadi Dance - Banjara Folk Dance of Andhra Pradesh. This dance is from the Sajalung community in the West Kameng district in Arunachal. The dance is a tribute to the Goddess Mopin Ape. The popular folk dances of Arunachal Pradesh include Aji Lamu, Roppi, Hurkani, Popir, Rekham Pada, Chalo, Ponung, Buiya, Lion dance, Pasi Kongki and Peacock dance. Odakkuzhal Award (List of Winners 1969-2020), 7 Major Mountain Passes (Churam) in Kerala, 40+ Major Folk Dances of Himachal Pradesh, Ami Henam, Tanu, Popir, Eme-relo, Boi-take, Boyen or Kuba Tondore, Pojuh, Nitin, Ponung, Kakong Tokai, Kachang Aluwang, Ka-Fifai dance drama, Ka-Mukcho, Troh, Guru Chanji Pantomime, Padi or Sethoh Pantomime, Yak, Lion & Peacock, Deer pantomime, Aji Lamu, Broh and other monastic dances, Jam or Bardo, Yak pantomime, Jik Charm or Seeh pantomime, Brohpu. Heavy metal rings are worn in the ears. Mopin is the second most popular festival after Solung occasion, of these eminent communities (tribes). These various tribes celebrate agricultural, religious and socio-cultural festivals where they dance, sing, pray, pay gratitude and feast as a community. Arr-Rinam is the Galo equivalent of lockdown imposed by consensus for 48 hours whenever an epidemic strikes. Traditionally rice beer is prepared in every household and served to friends and family. The Idu Mishmi tribe of Arunachal Pradesh participate in the fertility dance and ritual dance. The Wancho dance is yet another brilliant folk-dance belonging to Arunachal Pradesh. The priest and priestesses preside over the ceremonies of Mesalah, Rren, Ai-him and Ai-ah. The festival is celebrated in April every year and celebrations are held in East and West Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh. A characteristic step involves holding a piece of equipment in their right hands and dancing with the body slightly bent forwards. The heads are covered using a white cloth that hangs on the back. ... Popir is a famous Folk Dance performed by young girls and women on this propitious day. in Heritage,Music. It is a celebration of the harvesting season held in the Galo months of "Lumi" and "Luki", corresponding to March–April and the new year for the Galo tribe. It is noteworthy in this context that most of the aforesaid dances are group dances, which is accompanied by songs, generally sung in a chorus. These dancers wear pure white blouses and wrap skirts, that have red or maroon thread work on them. It is one of the renowned and illustrious carnivals, glorified among the Adi Tribe and Galo community of Arunachal Pradesh. The fertility dance is usually celebrated on the last day of the Rren ceremony. These dances are performed by the accompaniment of songs sung in chorus. The Galo tribe is a Himalayan tribe that has been thriving in the state since time immemorial. During this festival rice wine (apong) is served, prepared by the women of galo community. The Popir dance is another important tradition of the Mopi festival. Odakkuzhal Award were instituted by G. Sankara Kurup Odakkuzhal Award…, Idduki-Kozhikode-Mysore Highway A mountain pass is a small break that…, A Kullu Rural Woman/Image Credit: Ellen Reitman Himachal Pradesh is o…. Facts about Arunachal Pradesh – Arunachal Pradesh, also called “the land of rising sun”, lies in northeast India. There are many distinct tribes that inhabit the state of Arunachal Pradesh, giving it a great mix of diverse culture and traditions. In the culturally rich land of Arunachal Pradesh, the Galo tribe is known for its popular dance form, Popir dance. It is a celebration of April month, and there are various beliefs associated with this festival.

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