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It’s important to the Ojai Valley, and I would fill the board meeting room with protesters if I heard they were going to bulldoze it down. No matter how tortuous the road or how many streams there were to be forded, no one ever had the slightest doubt that Tom Clark would be in complete control of his horses and stagecoach. We can only seek to understand them so that we ourselves may change in harmony with them. Not surfing. As a young girl she climbed Mount Whitney with the Suphur Mountain Girl Scouts and helped found the Frazier Park Girl Scout Camp. The name change had just been approved by the government, and the Arcade, Pergola and Post Office tower were newly built. Mashburn claims to have known everyone in town and said the only real celebrity visits, aside from Calhoun, were from actresses Loretta Young and Ann Miller. That was when Ojai was known for having a church, a bar and a gas station on every corner, she said. He also condemns the free water allocation saying the district might incur pumping costs to give Ventura the last of the district water is a severe drought hit. ​With fires raging in California, we are reminded of the brave men who fought forest fires in the back country in years gone by. Geography and nature have much to do with the group’s existence. Read about it on, Oak trees were planted on both sides of W. Ojai Ave by the Ojai Valley Garden Club. As the target of the recall, Hansen is in an obvious defensive position. ​We celebrated a Jubilee Year from Ojai Day 2016 through Ojai Day 2017. Read a delightful article written,  "Winn's love prompted meat loaf generosity", written in 1989, ​When driving into the Ojai Valley from Ventura this sign in Casitas Springs proudly proclaims it as the former home of musical legend Johnny Cash. Read about it and other water projects from a 1946 article on our affiliate website, ​This is Lake Matilija. History. The Olympian gave Sherman Day Thacher and his students at The Thacher School a free style swimming lesson. You can read more about the trees in Libbey Park, Don Fernando Tico was gifted the entire Ojai Valley of over 17,000 acres by the Mexican government after Mexico superseded Spanish control of Alta California. It’s still a little world all of its own, high up here between two lovely valleys, just as it was for the Oak Grove, the Hunters, and the Chumash. Hotels near Ojai Valley Museum of History and Art: (0.27 km) The Lavender Inn (0.49 km) Su Nido Inn - Your Nest In Ojai (0.65 km) Emerald Iguana Inn (0.33 km) Chantico Inn (1.36 km) Ojai Valley Inn; View all hotels near Ojai Valley Museum of History and Art on Tripadvisor You'll find it, ​Every time you walk under the pergola in front of Libbey Park, you pass a water fountain. You’ll have to take my word on that. As a single mother she laid the shingles on her own roof, and did all the handiwork herself.“I’m also know around town as Josephine Plumber,” she said. Read an interesting short article about cattle drives from days gone by, This is a portrait of Judge James McKay. Familiar face, old recollectionsMashburn’s life has been a “Bee” movieNao [email protected] your ever see a flash of yellow go by on Ojai Avenue it might be Barbara Mashburn.The lifetime Ojai resident has frequently been seen driving a bright yellow electric vehicle around Ojai. But he yielded to the request of hotel owner Mrs. Blumberg, who suggested Nordhoff. Similarities abound: natural beauty, spiritual energy, space, silence, light quality, a protected environment, a gentler life than in the cities, yet a convenient proximity to important art centers. Located on 220 tree-lined acres, the Inn’s 303 spacious guestrooms evoke a feeling of California’s rich history. The Frostie was one of the last remnants of the old Ojai that Mashburn remembers as clear as day. While historians may write their speculations of the long, unrecorded past, Mr. Lively takes pleasure in showing visitors the mortars on a huge rock made undoubtedly by the Oak Grove Indians, the first Indian culture of 10,000 or more years ago. The first house in Mira Monte had a farm with pigs, cows, and old mule, and one of Ojai’s first organic gardens. Consider the spectrum of artists in this group. A western town was built as a backdrop for beds of orchids. Read more about him, and others important to the valley in a short illustrated article entitled, ​Do you recognize this building? Therefore, the “Ojai Valley Museum” has added “(No. As painters, sculptors, photographers, et al., they leave a palpable trace of what they see and what they feel. Mr. Van Houten also moderated Ojai Valley Museum’s Town Talks making Ojai’s history come alive.” Van Houten continues to document Ojai history to this day with his in-depth historical articles in the Ojai Valley News and the Ojai Magazine. She knew owner, Rick Henderson when he was just a busboy at The Oaks at Ojai and she was a waitress. The article is reprinted here with their permission. It his reprinted here with their permission. From the several lookouts on the 33 acre expanse at the top of the Dennison grade, one sees two entire Ojai Valleys — Lower and the Upper — simply by turning around. “It was just an old yellow thing when I got it,” she adds dryly, “But people were about to run me over, so I decorated it for safety.”She says all this with a smirk that suggests she might know something that you don’t, but she isn’t about to tell you just yet. Stylistically, they represent a vast range of visual arts creativity, from figuration and hyperrealism to expressionism and abstraction, from traditional to experimental, from plein-air to political. At least as far as 1893. The futility of such thinking was recently demonstrated on Old Creek Road where the county decided to “improve” a natural river-bed crossing with a high concrete edifice. A few other art communities are famous for their singular settings. Well, I can’t. According to Mr. Lively, the park site seems to have been a favorite camping place and home for at least three different and unrelated Indian cultures. A tribal leader of the Barbareño-Ventureño band of Chumash, Julie is a direct descendant of the Native American tribe that formerly inhabited Santa Cruz island and has been active for many years in Native American education. ​Effie May Skelton was a force of nature. Ever since returning to private ownership in 1947, the Ojai Valley Inn has played host to countless celebrities from nearby Hollywood and an impressive roster of golf pros who return year after year to play the historic course. Those were the days when almost every bar was owned by a woman, she said. The article is reprinted here with their permission. ‘His balanced and accurate reporting of the news today creates the history of tomorrow.’. An illusion to be sure, this way of thinking has been carried to extremes in our cities where it is possible to exist for weeks without seeing a tree. This edition published in 1983 by Matilija Press in Ojai, Calif. There was more for the kids to do back then, she said, with the bowling alley still thriving and a miniature golf course across the street where the fire station is now. Colbert is an art adviser, curator, writer, and long-time resident of Ojai. It represented the museum's 50th anniversary and the centennial of the E.D. He has researched and documented unique and historical Ojai trees as well as local hiking trails. But obviously, the words “substantial” and “Adverse” are open to interpretation by the powers-that-be who can file a “negative declaration” allowing them to bypass this vital process. Reserve a room at one of the 6 hotels that are to be found within a short commute of Ojai Valley Museum of History and Art. I doubt anybody would make an issue of it. Van Houten’s historical research efforts culminate in the publication of articles that promote and preserve the City of Ojai’s unique historical and cultural heritage. And he didn’t look like a cop but more like the Lone Ranger with a white hat and all those guns on his belt.”Since then a number of establishments have changed names or closed down but Mashburn served plenty of drinks at the Elbow Room bar in the Arcade, which was next door to the Mighty Bite hamburger joint with a card room in the back, and she also had shifts at the Hitching Post. Many were the holiday expeditions piloted by Tom Clark. By law, the Cultural Heritage Board is not required to have the property owner’s permission to designate a building a historical landmark. Libbey-led transformation of dusty Nordhoff into beautiful Spanish-style village of Ojai. He was the Ojai Valley's justice of the peace from 1887 to 1904. The Ojai Valley Sanitary District was formed in May 1985 under the Sanitation District Law of the State of California. Here in our rural Ojai Valley we have so far been able to keep in close enough contact with primal energies to know better. All I want to do is vindicate myself. Find out more when you read a short article, What was famous surfer Duke Paoa Kahanamoku doing in Ojai in 1922? His excellence in reporting was recognized by the California News Publishers Association when his oral history profile piece, “Sole Survivor,” received second place among all California weekly newspapers with 4,300 or fewer subscribers. To the fashionable winter patrons of the Foothills Hotel the ride in his stagecoach from railroad station of Santa Barbara or Ventura was a much-anticipated event. 1967 will continue to be a busy year for the Ojai Valley Board of Realtors. Aug 26, 2019 - Postcards and pictures of the Ojai Valley. These lots, on Ojai Ave at Blanche Street, were the location of  Constable Andy  Van Curren's home and Ojai's first jail. MitchellA building commonly recognized in the Ojai Valley by residents as being a historical landmark will not get that official designation from the Cultural Heritage Board if the Board of Education has its way. The Woman's Club has a long history of working to improve our community. In 1924, the year the county supervisors accepted the property as a park, and Tom McGuire of the Upper Ojai was ordered by the Board to bring this 40-ton rock from the east to the west side of the new grade road, as a unique and permanent entrance marker. This is often done with shortsighted impunity, such as recently occurred when the city and county planned to chop down 17 trees to widen and reroute South Montgomery Street. Ojai, an old Chumash Indian outpost, was always a land cultivated for its agricultural abundance. Although a lot and homesite just downstream survived the great floods of 1935 and 1969, this time the water cascaded across the new obstacle in its path, crashing down to opposite side with such force that it formed a giant whirlpool which swept away 20 feet of the lot. Edde left the bar to his ex wife, Verna. Read more about early "hoodlums" and "smart alecs" in an article Howard Bald wrote in 1972. Little did they know it … “I went to City Hall more than once to protest when the owner got run out,” she said. Read more about these elusive creatures in a short, interesting and funny article. During the 20th century it became a magnet for educators, writers, artists, celebrities, creatives in all fields, and seekers of life’s meaning and higher purpose. BUT MORE CHALLENGES are forthcoming. Technology vs. nature’s wisdom————————-Our environment————————-by John E. Nelson, M.D.As the torrents of water which fell from the sky eased a bit and we all surveyed the damage to the manmade artifacts surrounding our lives, we could not help but be reminded of our closeness — and vulnerability — to the forces of nature.Especially sad was the story of the family who lovingly labored with their own hands for nearly two years to build a beautiful new home near a picturesque stream. But if not, her electric vehicle, dubbed “Barbara’s Hummer” as if says on her license plate, has its fair share of black-and-yellow bumble bee accessories.

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