how to record piano at home

Use these tips each time you record, and don’t be afraid to do multiple takes with different camera positions, lighting, and sound. If you plan on recording a stereo source, such as a piano, drum overheads, stereo room, etc. Light Microphones are incredibly useful for a home studio. It puts power in the hands of ordinary people. Record the Harmonies. Audio recording is a fun, exciting and rewarding activity. Recording an acoustic piano presents enormous challenges for many home recordists. But I want to let you in on a little secret… You only need 8 pieces of equipment to set up a home recording studio that can produce radio-worthy tracks. The “quality potential” for any track is dictated by how well was recorded. The reason for using two is so that you can record in stereo and move the mics in order to make it so as lively as possible.. Even if you plan on making instrumental or electronic music, you can still utilize a microphone for recording. The most versatile microphone you can record anything with is a condenser microphone. Picking out a microphone is a complex process that varies based on what you want to record. Once you’ve built a good foundation, next it’s time to add to it by creating a chord structure. either buy an additional mic to match what you already have, or you could buy a stereo pair. Note: When recording the piano, you will want to usually use two of these microphones.Some come in packages whereas others you need to just purchase two of them. Record the Melodies You’ve probably found this article because you want to get into home recording. Further Reading on Home Recording Studio Setup. X/Y Placement; X/Y microphone placement is one of the most common options for recording piano. Home recording technology seems to get better and cost less every year. It takes a bit of time and money to get going. Without further ado, let’s take a look at my favorite mics for recording the piano. In truth, there are countless techniques for wireless piano microphone placement to record the acoustic piano. This is a really brief intro to the world of Recording – if you want to know more, then refer to our beginner’s guide on home recording studio setup. The idea is that the set up is fixed in order to avoid too much preparation every time we want to record. Window will be covered during recordings. We would only need to switch on the equipment and control it remotely. We also have a detailed guide to Digital Audio. Depending on the song, that could mean adding rhythm guitar, piano, synths, horns, etc. The piano room (there was no Grand Piano 3D model, so I just put a table to show the total size). With a basic chord progressions now in place, next it’s time to… 4. Home Recording Success. Nick Boxwell Videographer We’re looking forward to seeing your videos. Then you can pick the one that turned out the best. And that’s OK, because you won’t be a beginner forever. Perhaps if you did buy something like the NT1A, which is a large diaphragm microphone, a stereo “pencil” pair may be a good compliment. I’m not going to go into the proper way to record piano here. 3. Most of our tutorials here at Audiotuts are at the intermediate or advanced level. If the piano is recorded badly, then even the greatest mixer in the world will only get a so-so sound. But if the piano is recorded really well, then even a novice mixer can make it shine! Have fun with it! The instrument's size and sonic complexity are contributing factors, making great technical demands on mics and other recording equipment, but that's only part of the problem. Our mission in life is to guide you step by step and make the learning process as simple as possible so that you succeed and make the most of your home recording studio, even if you are a complete beginner. But, we’ll discuss two main ones here: X/Y placement and placement using the “3 to 1” rule. Getting your home studio setup right isn’t easy. Just like learning the piano, learning to record yourself takes practice.

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